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The Art Of Writing

Writing is an art form. Truly. We may not all follow the same patterns or conventions, but writing well takes crafting, determination and skill. Combine all of these amazing attributes and you have the ability to create something spectacular.

As editors, we guide, polish and try our hardest to support authors in their craft and their creations. It's a job we love and one we find rewarding. Every manuscript poses new challenges and joys. It's this that creates the excitement of possibility.

In order to perfect your art, it's important to have knowledge of writing forms, grammar, punctuation and all of the exciting bits in-between that regularly make authors cringe. There's no desperate need or urgency to head out and enroll in an English degree, but we honestly believe having the desire to improve and learn will make you a better writer.

To be successful, one needs to have the ability to control every word. Once you're in control of WHAT you are writing and HOW you are writing, the true pleasure of crafting a story can become your main focus.

Once a week, the Hot Tree Editing team will share with you helpful tips, pointers, and provide writing support to help you become better, to help you fine-tune and perfect your existing skills.

Welcome to Hot Tree Editing's 'How To Guides.'

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