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Hot Tree Editing operates under the umbrella corporation of Hot Tree™ Publishing Ltd.

Not only do we specialize in editing for self-published authors and small publishing houses, but we also have a range of other independent services available.

Hot Tree Publishing

Hot Tree™ Publishing loves love. Publishing adult romantic fiction, HTPubs are all about diverse reads featuring heroes and heroines to swoon over. Since opening in 2015, HTPubs have published more than 300 titles across the wide and diverse range of romantic genres. If you’re chasing a happily ever after in your favourite subgenre, HTPubs have you covered.

Interested in discovering more amazing reads brought to you by Hot Tree Publishing? Head over to the website for information: I

Hot Tree Promotions

In the crazy, competitive world of promotion, we recognize how truly daunting promotion can be, in addition to being absolutely invaluable. This is where Hot Tree Promotions step in. Firmly established in the book community and supporting so many wonderful authors across genres, Hot Tree™ Promotions are ready to take on your promotional needs. I

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Tangled Tree Publishing

Tangled Tree Publishing loves all things tangled and aims to bring darker, twisted, and more mind-boggling books to its readers. Publishing adult and new adult fiction, TTPubs are all about diverse reads in mystery, suspense, thrillers, and crime. I


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Becky Johnson, Hot Tree's CEO and Executive Editor, provides one-on-one consultancy for self-published authors who may need additional support and guidance. This is a bespoke service and can be tailored to your needs.

For your FREE STARTER GUIDE & more information head over to the ONE-TO-ONE website WWW.ONETOONEAUTHOR.COM.


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