Hot Tree Editing operates under the umbrella corporation of Hot Tree Publishing Ltd.

Not only do we specialise in editing for self-published authors and small publishing houses, we also have a range of other independent services available.  

Hot Tree Self-Publishing

Working with our HTSP team will ensure you are guided through the whole publishing process. HTSP organise dates, schedules, and coordinate with editors and designers to ensure the whole journey is as effortless for you as possible, while also providing all of the necessary editing, design work, and promotion.  HTSP is a one-stop shop for self-published authors. I

Hot Tree Publishing

Hot Tree Publishing opened its doors in 2015 with an aspiration to bring quality fiction to the world of readers. With the initial focus on romance and a wide spread of romance sub-genres, we envision opening up to alternative genres in the near future.

Hot Tree Publishing endeavors to be a leader in bringing quality stories to the world of readers and are currently open to romance submissions. I

Hot Tree Promotions

In the crazy, competitive world of promotion, we recognize how truly daunting promotion can be, in addition to being absolutely invaluable. This is where Hot Tree Promotions step in. Firmly established in the book community and supporting so many wonderful authors across genres, Hot Tree Promotions are ready to take on your promotional needs. I


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Becky Johnson, Hot Tree's CEO and Executive Editor, provides one-on-one consultancy for self-published authors who may need additional support and guidance. This is a bespoke service and can be tailored to your needs.

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