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With nearly two decades of experience in creative editing and proofreading, Hot Tree™ Editing brings a wealth of expertise to each project. We take pride in delivering precise and professional results, overseeing every detail from inception to completion.

As a trusted presence in the indie book community, we are known for our approachable, friendly, and cost-effective editing services. All of our editors hold BA (Hons) degrees in various disciplines, including business, humanities, psychology, and the arts, encompassing English literature, English language, and creative writing.

Our goal is simple: to achieve perfection in your work!

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Becky Johnson

Meet Becky, the CEO of Hot Tree Editing, a seasoned professional with nearly two decades of experience in the publishing and editing industry. Becky holds a B.A. (Hons) in Literature, which has honed her exceptional literary insights and skills. She specializes in editing across the entire spectrum of romance subgenres, urban fantasy, and the captivating worlds of thrillers and mysteries. 

Current and Past Clients Include:

Kaylee Ryan

Jane Washington

Lila Rose

Dionne Lister

Kelly St. Clare

MariaLisa deMora

S. Nelson

Louisa Masters

Megan O'Brien

R.M. Gilmore

Zack Scott

Kristin 2023.jpeg

Kristin Scearce

Meet Kristin, a senior editor at Hot Tree Editing with nearly a decade of experience in the editing industry. Kristin is a versatile editor who excels in all romance genres, but her true passion lies in thrillers, suspense, horrors, and mysteries. Kristin also holds an MA in Forensic Psychology, providing her with a unique perspective into characters' psyches and emotional development, making her an invaluable resource for authors looking to create compelling and realistic characters in their gripping tales.

Current and Past Clients Include:

Layla Hagen

SR Grey

ML Nystrom

Melanie Scott

Sarah Peis

SJ Rowe

Anne Malcom


Olivia Ventura

Meet Olivia, a senior editor of Hot Tree Publishing, who has been editing published authors, including New York Times and USA Today bestsellers, for fifteen years and with Hot Tree Editing since 2014. She's held both Acquisitions and Managing Editor roles at several small presses and works across all subgenres of romance.

Olivia currently has a full list and is not accepting new clients.

Current and Past Clients Include:

Keri Arthur

Bec McMaster

Erin Johnson

Christina Tetreault

Becca Seymour

Dahlia Donovan

Jaymin Eve


McKinley Hellenes Krantz

Meet McKinley, an editor who believes in the author's voice and vision. She approaches each manuscript entrusted to her like it’s the only book on earth, focusing with razor-sharp intensity on the cadence and content of every single line the author has written. McKinley specializes in unraveling and reshaping the wonkiest of sentences to discover the deepest meaning. She believes in nurturing a relationship with each client that uplifts and inspires as she supports, troubleshoots, and cheerleads each author. McKinley fangirls over all genres without bias, but she has a special passion for LGBTQIA+ content. 

Current and Past Clients Include:

Nashoda Rose

Vivienne Simpson

Layla Hagen

Ann Grech

Alexa Rivers

Sybil Bartel

Elizabeth Dear

SJ Rowe

Donna 2.jpg

Donna Pemberton

Donna Pemberton, the dedicated administrative backbone of Hot Tree Editing, boasts a remarkable decade-long journey with the company. Her unwavering commitment to precision and organization has been instrumental in driving the company's success. Donna's unparalleled skills as a proofreader have elevated the quality of countless projects, ensuring that each manuscript emerges polished and error-free. With her expert touch and steadfast dedication, she continues to be an invaluable asset to the Hot Tree Editing team.

Virginia Cantrell.JPG

Virginia Cantrell

Meet Virginia, a seasoned book editor with over a decade of experience in romance literature across every subgenre imaginable. With a sharp eye for detail and a genuine passion for storytelling, she specializes in editing across all subgenres of romance, ensuring your love stories truly stand out. Virginia's impressive portfolio includes editing for New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors, a testament to her skill and dedication in perfecting romance narratives.

Current and Past Clients Include:

Mariana Zapata

Sybil Bartel

Erica Stevens

Layla Hagen

Nicole Vidal

Christina Tetreault

Lew Gibb

Katherine McIntyre.png

Kat McIntyre

Kat, a dynamic book editor at Hot Tree Editing, specializes in romance and diversity. Her profound love for storytelling and keen eye for detail drive her to create emotionally resonant, culturally inclusive narratives. She actively seeks and supports authors from diverse backgrounds, dedicating herself to representation and inclusivity. Kat's commitment to her craft makes her an invaluable asset in the world of romance literature.

Current and Past Clients Include:

Lisa Henry

Victoria Jayne

Jillian Wolfe

Nicole Vidal

Susan Alexander

Gillian Loesberg

Simone Robertson


Keeley Catarineau

Meet Keeley, an editor for Hot Tree Editing. She’s always dreamed of working in the publishing and editing industry, and she made that dream a reality when she was an undergraduate student. Since graduating summa cum laude with a BA in English and communication and a minor in creative writing, which provided her strong base of literary skills, Keeley has continued to refine her craft over the past several years.

Current and Past Clients Include:

Chanda Hahn

Becca Seymour

Colin Crooks

Tanya Bird

Wendy Vella

Linda Lee

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