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"I've really enjoyed working with Hot Tree Editing. They're always very professional, on time, and do a fantastic job. Virginia has a great eye for detail and is very insightful. She helps make every story better, and I look forward to many more years of working with them."​

— Erica Stevens, Author of The Kindred Series


“Hot Tree Editing has been my go-to editing service for almost ten years now. Excellent communication, timely turnaround, precise and thorough editing services, and a great staff make for a smooth and enjoyable process. I work primarily with of their editors, Kristin S., and she is phenomenal at her job.”

— S.R. Grey, USA Today Bestseller

"I can't say enough about the Hot Tree editors and staff. They tick all of the boxes for me. They're thorough, thoughtful, flexible, fast, accurate, caring, honest, and the best at what they do. Not once, since I started working with Hot Tree, have I considered working with anyone else. I don't see that changing."

— Kayt Miller, International Bestselling Author


"Becky is AMAZING.  I love hearing her thoughts, and her commentary is always super helpful. She’s not pushy or opinionated. Instead, she’s open-minded, friendly, knowledgeable, prompt, & professional. I couldn’t recommend them more if I tried." 

— Jane Washington, Wallstreet Journal Bestseller


"I've been using Hot Tree for many years. The editors I've worked with have been professional and helpful in polishing the rough edges of my manuscript, spotlighting a few inconsistencies that had been missed despite my early edits so that the completed story was coherent and my best work."

— L.R.W. Lee, USA Today Bestseller


"The incredible professionalism and superior editing at Hot Tree Editing is simply unmatched. I absolutely LOVE working with my amazing team, McKinley and Virginia. Their knowledge, insight, dedication to their craft and attention to detail, all while maintaining the author’s voice are absolutely extraordinary. I cannot thank Virginia, McKinley, Becky, and the team at Hot Tree enough for their exceptional talents and the shine they put on every manuscript."

— Sybil Bartel, USA Today Bestseller

"I absolutely love working with the team at Hot Tree Editing. They are incredibly responsive. My editor, Kristin, is one of the best I've ever worked with; she makes my stories shine. She improves not only my manuscript but also my writing, since I learn a lot from every change, comment, and suggestion she makes."

— Sarah Peis, Author of the Sweet Dreams Series


"Hot Tree Editing was, without a doubt, a lifesaver for me and my wallet. Not only did they complete the edits in the shortest period of time I had yet to experience with any other editor, but they were very attentive and never made me feel as if I was rushing them."

— Sarah Tork, Author of the Y.A. Series

Sarah T.jpg

"I discovered Hot Tree many years ago when I started self-publishing. Grammar is a weakness of mine, and having someone take my manuscript and polish it by seeing what I could not has helped me immeasurably.

They are accommodating to an author’s needs and respond quickly to queries. Hot Tree has a team of editors who work with writers to ensure the best result for all concerned. I cannot recommend the quality of their work highly enough!"

— Wendy Vella, USA Today Bestseller

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"Hot Tree's support goes far beyond just grammatical and structural editing; they truly understand that every author has a unique voice and style. I’ve been a client of Hot Tree Editing for just over a decade now, and I can’t express enough how supportive, understanding, and professional they have been throughout my journey. The editing process is such a critical step in the process of bringing an author’s words to life, and my editor McKinley always goes above and beyond, exceeding my expectations."

— Nashoda Rose, New York Times and USA Today Bestseller

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