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Our Services

Top-quality editing is pivotal to the successful completion and publication of your book. At Hot Tree™ Editing, we offer a range of affordable editing solutions, underpinned by our commitment to precision, perfection, and professionalism.

What we offer

service one proofread

Service 1 | Proofread


Our experienced editors will meticulously review your manuscript, addressing grammar, spelling, punctuation, and formatting errors. They will enhance the clarity, coherence, and consistency of your writing, ensuring it adheres to your preferred style guide. Our editors aim to refine your manuscript to its highest standard while preserving your unique voice and message, preparing it for publication or submission with confidence.


US$0.009 per word

E.g. 60,000-word proofread - US$540.00

service two copy and line

Service 2 | Copy and Line Edit


During a typical copy and line edit of your manuscript, our skilled editors will perform a detailed review of your text, meticulously addressing grammar, spelling, punctuation, and formatting issues. They will also focus on improving sentence structure, word choice, and overall readability, ensuring your writing flows smoothly and coherently. Our goal is to enhance the quality and precision of your work, maintaining your unique voice and style while preparing your manuscript for a polished and professional presentation, whether for publication or submission.

US$0.012 per word

E.g. 60,000 line & copy edit - US$720.00

service three content edit

Service 3 | Content Edit


In a typical content edit of your novel, our skilled editors will meticulously examine the storyline, character development, pacing, and thematic consistency, offering valuable insights to enhance the overall narrative. Whether it's fiction or non-fiction, our editors will ensure that your novel's structure flows seamlessly, engaging readers from beginning to end. Expect constructive feedback and suggestions to elevate your storytelling, all while preserving your unique authorial voice. With our content edit, your editor will also provide copy and line editing revisions and feedback.

USD$0.015 per word

E.g. 60,000 content edit - US$900.00


In a typical review of your novel, our editors will provide valuable insights into the overall aspects of your storytelling. They will evaluate plot structure, character development, pacing, themes, and consistency in the story.

You will receive a detailed report with specific feedback and suggestions to improve your novel. This comprehensive review will help you refine your creative vision and create a more captivating and well-rounded story.

US$0.012 per word  

Pre-Edit beta reading

Dedicated readers will evaluate your manuscript, offering observations on plot development, character depth, pacing, and overall narrative coherence.

Beta readers serve as a crucial bridge between your work and its future readers, helping you refine your storytelling, catch plot errors, and enhance the overall quality of your manuscript, thus increasing its appeal to both publishers and a broader audience.

$60.00 (manuscript up to 100k words) | $80.00 (manuscript 100k - 179k) | $140 (manuscript 180k +) Discounts for 3 or more betas available. 

post-editing service

After every content edit—and copy and line edit—you are entitled to a complimentary round of editing with one of our skilled Final-Eyes readers, who are dedicated trainee proofreaders.

If you'd like an additional layer of feedback, we also have a dedicated team of post-edit beta readers available upon request. Please do keep in mind that allowing some extra time in your schedule for this service is advisable. Your manuscript deserves the best; we're here to help you achieve it.

Additional Information

We aim to quote you accurately based on your actual word count and the first two chapters. (See 8.1 8.2 Service Agreement). When a full word count has been provided, we'll provide you with a per-manuscript rate, so you'll know how much your project will cost upfront. (conditions apply)

The cost of your proofread or edit will depend on your needs and your book.

A **refundable $100 deposit will be needed to secure an editing date, and your author contract needs to be signed. The deposit will be credited toward the amount due for your full edit. All prices are inclusive of Australian GST.

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