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The 21st December marks our 8th anniversary., so it's that time of year for us to share the love and give back.

We want to thank our incredible family of authors for putting your faith in us. Also, a HUGE thank-you to our team of editors, final-eyes readers, betas, and admin staff. You all rock!

The winner will be announced on Dec 21st in our newsletter, so please be sure you've signed up. The winner will be randomly selected.

*T&C: 60,000-word content edit to be provided free of charge. Additional words or rates apply if extensive edit or greater than 60,000 words submitted.


Terms & Conditions:

  1. One winner will win a content edit of a manuscript up to 60,000 words. 

  2. If the manuscript is in need of lower edits, no cash reimbursements are provided or can be exchanged.

  3. If the manuscript is in need of an extensive edit, additional charges will be made alongside the standard extensive edit rates. 

  4. If the manuscript is longer than 60,000 words, the client will be charged for the additional word count.

  5. Partial edits cannot be carried out.

  6. If the manuscript is less than 60,000 words, the words cannot be carried over to another manuscript. 

  7. Only one manuscript can be edited in relation to this giveaway.

  8. The prize winner has 3 months to secure the booking within 2021.

  9. The manuscript must be edited in 2021.

  10. Cancellations of an edit must be made a minimum of 4 weeks in advance. Failure to do so will forfeit the prize. 

  11. Bookings are subject to availability. It is the winner's responsibility to contact Hot Tree Editing via email to secure an available date with one of our experienced editors. 

  12. The prize cannot be exchanged for money.

  13. Prize amount values at US$540.00

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